COLOUR MATCHING SERVICE                                               

If you'd like a touch of colour added to the designs in the Light of the Moon Collection, tell me your colour theme, or send a swatch to match and I'll highlight some of the areas in the design. As the colour is carefully painted on by hand, there is an additional charge per card for this service and you'll find a note of these costs on the Colour Matching page in the Info section.

For the Paris Collection any of the designs can be printed in the colour of your choice. You can send a swatch and it will be matched as closely as possible, or just give a general colour scheme and a sample will be sent for your approval. 


With the Light of the Moon Collection I offer a service where I can personalise the designs with the names of the bride and groom, or with initials, and/or add the wedding date. There is an additional charge for this as artwork needs to be designed and a new embossing plate made to print from. The cost is £45, and the personalised plate is yours to keep once the order is complete. Simply put your personalisation details on the order form, and I'll send you a black and white layout to approve before sending the artwork away for plate manufacture. Just a note, on some of the designs it may not be possible to effectively accommodate longer names. 

I can add personalisation to the designs in the Paris Collection, but as this can be done in house, there is no additional charge. 


Items illustrated here are the standard forms of wedding stationery available, but it may be possible to help you with special requests. If you want to vary the format to suit your own personal needs, or need an item not mentioned here I'm more than happy to see if I can help you out. 

If you have your own idea for a stationery design I can work with you to develop it. In the past I have combined Native American art with Celtic knotwork, designed an invitation to suit a tropical wedding, and based a design around a couple's initials.


I can print guest names into the invitations for you. All I need is a list sent via email and I will take it from there! There is a charge of 25p per invitation for this service.


- The paper used for the Light of the Moon Collection bears a watermark which may show on some invitations, though care is taken to ensure this is found only on the back of the cards.

- The card used for the Paris Collection has a watermark throughout and a small manufacturer's mark, but again, care is taken to make sure this is on the back of the card. 

- Envelopes used for both Day/Large and Evening/Small Invitations have a deckle edge flap.


Some of the more popular wedding hymns are still under copyright and it is the customer's responsibility to obtain permission from the copyright holder in order to print these in the order of service. I understand that a charge of between £10 and £25 is usually made by the copyright holder. If you are having your ceremony in a church, the church may already hold a license that allows for usage in an order of service, so please check with your officiant first. If you need contact details for the copyright holder I will do my best to find this out for you. 


All designs are copyright Sarah Sterling O'Neill. Designs may not be reproduced in any form without express written permission of the artist.